Most Air Clutch/Brake operating problems are caused by the air system. Torque Inc. finds the majority of issues with our customers air Clutches/Brakes are air system related. Application problems:

* Inconsistent starting/stopping

* Brake heating

* Clutch slipping

* Rapid wearing of friction material

Reliable air Clutch/Brake operation requires a properly designed and maintained air system:

* Sufficient air volume supply

* Correct operating pressure

* Properly sized air lines

* Valve selection

* Reliable control response/timing

Call a Torque Inc. application engineer to assist your inspect your air system. Torque Inc. has the experience and expertise to ensure optimum operation of your Clutches and Brakes. In addition to general air system consultation, Torque Inc. offers a charged “Overlap Service” to monitor your air system in real-time with our high speed data acquisition system. The data acquired through our “Overlap Service” can optimize control settings and identify operational issues with your air system.

Torque Inc. recommended air system designs are available on the links below:


Torque Inc. has represented Wichita Clutch for 60 years and continues to provide Heavy Duty Clutches/Brakes to the Metal Forming, Coil Processing, Converting, Printing, Marine, Mining and other heavy industries. Our staff of expert application engineers and professional customer service representatives is available to support you with:

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