Torque Incorporated offers a wide range of World Class Industrial Clutches and Brakes from World Class partners, to provide the most reliable and rugged units and parts.  Wichita Clutch supplies clutches for 6” in diameter to 108”, at the time largest Clutch in the World, in various configurations to meet machine requirements. Torque Inc leverages our 74-year history of supplying and supporting heavy-duty Industrial Clutches and Brakes to ensure we offer our customers the best in class solutions, backed up with experienced technical support, customer service and wearing parts from stock.

Wichita Clutch offers a wide range of reliable, serviceable, heavy-duty Clutches and brakes.  The signature Wichita Clutch Airtube was developed in the 1940’s and still out performs other means of clutch or brake actuation in both all modes of operation.  Wichita Clutches Airtube Clutches have an excellent reputation for repeatable and reliable proportional control used in tensioning applications.  We also find the Airtube extremely for high cyclical applications.  Combined with the Gear Tooth Friction Disc’s, Wichita units have dominated applications in the Metal Working, Energy, Paper, along with a host of other applications in a diverse customer base.

Industrial Clutch has a rich history of supplying Clutches and Brakes Metal Working and Mining machinery.  Torque Inc established a partnership with Industrial Clutch, when it was integrated into Wichita Clutch several decades ago.  

Mach III Clutch supplies an extensive range of air and spring engaged friction brakes and clutches and mechanical torque limiters for motion control applications with torque requirements up to 60,000 pound inches and shaft sizes to 3.5 inches. Mach III has an excellent line of standard products, and is highly capable producing short runs, as few as one, of special custom designed clutches and brakes. Mach III has been a partner with Torque Inc since their inception in the 1960’s

Kobelt is built on the twin pillars of our engineering strength alongside of our manufacturing capability. Through these two core competencies, we provide our customers with the safest, most trusted solutions for guiding and controlling movement. Kobelt embraces the demanding conditions in the various markets we serve. Consequently, we place reliability and durability at the forefront of our design philosophy. Whether a steering system on a coast guard vessel or a braking system on a drilling rig, Kobelt products are built to last.  Torque has partnered with Kobelt for several decades, supplying their Caliper Disc Brakes to our industrial customer base.

HERION Systemtechnik are hydraulic suppliers specializing in products and solutions for mechanical and pneumatic presses as well as safety technology, with their core business in providing custom solutions. After more than 50 years, they are still the gold standard for quality and experience in the market.  Herion helped pioneer the application of Hydraulic “Wet” Combination Clutch/Brakes to Mechanical Power Presses and offers a wide range of solutions.  Herion also supplies a full range of World Class Hydraulic and Pneumatic Press Safety Valves, with feature rich offering of accessories including Soft Clutch, Soft Brake functionality.

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