Steve Park retired as President of Torque Inc. Oct., 1, 2018, to be able to spend quality time with his family and enjoy his many hobbies.  Steve joined Torque Inc. in 1984, opening the Detroit Sales Office expanding Torque Inc’s coverage to include the balance of Indiana and Michigan.  Torque Inc (previously named Fremont and Lewis), has represented Wichita continuously since being founded in 1949 by Mike Fremont.

Prior to Torque Inc., Steve had been a Sales Engineer based in Cincinnati for the Dana Corporation for three years.  Wichita Clutch was owned by Dana Corporation and Torque Inc was one of Steve’s key customers.

Steve successfully used his technical expertise and professionalism to establish a strong presence for Torque Inc. in his territory.  Building on this success, he joined with Tom Fremont, son of founder Mike Fremont, to acquire Torque Inc. in 1988.  Under Steve and Tom’s leadership, Torque Inc built our Headquarters in Milford, OH, added full time sales offices in Cleveland, OH and Atlanta, GA, and expanded our coverage area to include Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, Ontario and Quebec.  Steve was instrumental in building Torque Inc’s brand, being the market leader for Industrial Clutches and Brakes.  Steve’s high standards for customer service and expert technical support, coupled with investing in inventory to meet customers’ needs continue to drive Torque Inc’s success.  Torque Inc. in typically Wichita Clutch’s largest Distributor, and enjoys strong relationships with our other partners.

Torque Inc. reorganized to accommodate Steve’s retirement, the officers/owners include Tom Fremont taking the position of President, Bill Donoho is the Vice President, Dave Megrue is Secretary and Jeff Baillairge is Treasurer.  In addition, Torque Inc. has hired Jonathan Larson to replace Steve in the Detroit Sales office as the local Sales Engineer. Steve’s presence will be missed, but restructuring enables Torque Inc. to maintain our high standards of customer service by providing timely, expert technical support and shipments from our extensive inventory.

We hope you will join us at Torque Inc. in wishing Steve well on this new phase of his life.