Determining how long a friction clutch or brake will last has much to do with application.  Cycle rates, revolutions per minute and the air pressure required to produce the torque to drive or stop the load are just a few of the considerations.  Assuming the unit has been properly sized and the application is not unusually rigorous, the majority of friction brakes and clutches will measure their service life in years as long as the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, operation and routine maintenance are followed.  Mach III has compiled its recommendations for users who want to do all they can to ensure that the clutches and brakes installed on their machinery last as long as possible.  Topics covered in the eBook, Make It Last, include:

  • Proper Selection
  • Regulating
  • Proper Mounting
  • Chain & Belt Alignment & Tension
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Routine Maintenance

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